Self-care, from self to others

For Women in Lebanon

On ESA campus, an ideal place to disconnect in the heart of Beirut, you will attend open round tables followed by workshops in groups (10 to 12 women), for 1.5 hour once a week, on different topics animated by specialists, according to a flexible calendar.

Program - Phases

1- Launching conference

Attend the launching conference on March 8, International Women's Day, on:


What is it? Why? How?



2- Launching workshop

Take part in the open launching workshop to get a concrete idea of what you will be doing next in small groups.

Body / Body and movements / Getting in motion

Identity / Open discussion / Meeting with oneself

Mindfulness / Breathing

Program & free registration (opening soon)


3- Program “Self-care, from self to others” | For women in Lebanon

Benefit from the program “Self-care, from self to others” and register for all or part of the 3 sequences :

Taking care of yourself | Self expression | Deciding for yourself

1 sequence = 1 open round table + 4 workshops in groups of 10/12 women + 1 debrief = 200.000 LBP

Full program = 3 sequences = 500.000 LBP (instead of 600.000 LBP)

Program & registration (opening soon)

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